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Frequently Asked Questions ...

I've been asked lots of questions at Markets and online. Here are a few of the most common. Please reach out to me if you have a question not listed and I would be happy to answer it for you!

Do you have a Storefront?

The easy answer is no. At this time we are strictly a home based bakery. I am only able to deliver my baked items directly into your hands via pickup at my home or at market where I'm selling. I hope to be able to grow into a commercial space, but am not there yet.


Do you make cupcakes and cakes?

YES!  As a home based bakery I am limited to items that do not require refrigeration. That means no cream cheese icing, cheesecakes or custards. I am open to lots of different items and have likely made what you seek. I try to offer my more unique items at markets so that I will stand out from the other bakers out there!


Do you make Wedding Cakes?

I personally find wedding cakes to be very stressful. I would be happy to make you a two tiered cake or a sheet cake. I don't offer very large cakes for the simple reason of transporting them being such a daunting task. I can do large orders of cupcakes or dessert bars for events but do not offer large tiered decorated cakes for delivery at this time.


What is a concha?

A concha is a Mexican sweet bread flavored with vanilla and cinnamon and topped with a crunchy sweet topping that bakes into the roll to make a pretty crackly pattern. I find them to be very delicious with coffee or tea and are best warmed in the oven or microwave briefly. (Or right out of the oven if you are so lucky)

What is a deep dish cookie?

Deep dish cookies are 3.5-4.5 oz cookies baked in rings so that they baked up the sides instead of out. This allows for a thicker more decadent cookie. Each variety of deep dish cookie that I offer has been tested for the exact size that is perfect without spilling over the top.

Are you on social media?

I am on Facebook and Instagram and sometimes Twitter. I am most active on Instagram at this time and that is the best place to see where I will be on for my next event and to see what I'm baking up this week. I can be reached via DM there and respond as quickly as I can.  You can always email me at or through the contact form on this site.

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